Buystander Personas Resource Kit

Take your journey into Buystander Personas and demand creation to the next level with our tools and insights—all on the house.

The trusty companion for your demand creation journey.

Our resource kit will help you:
  • Diagnose your marketing strategy
  • Develop your Buystander personas
  • Craft compelling stories that create demand
  • Measure your success in the short and long term
  • Pitch demand creation to your team and leaders

What’s in the kit?

The Buystander Personas Workbook

The Buystander Personas Workbook

  • Diagnose and see if you have a Buystander problem
  • Find and ask your Buystanders the right questions
  • Distill insights and build your Buystander personas
  • Craft a “Why Change Now” story with Buystander personas
  • Measure success in the short and long term
Buystander Interview Template

Buystander Interview Template

  • Sample questions that you can adapt to fit your business and industry
  • Best practices for a smooth and insightful interview
Buystander Insight Worksheet

Buystander Insight Worksheet

  • Skip the tedium and dive right in with our pre-built worksheet
  • Categorize your transcripts and info based on 5 Pillars of Buystander Insights
Buystander Persona Template

Buystander Persona Template

  • Insert your organized insights into our pre-built template
  • Buystander personas reveal once-invisible markets that you can now create demand in
  • Includes a completed example for reference
Executive Deck

Executive Deck

  • Eye-opening stats that reveal the state of B2B marketing
  • Introduction to demand creation, the missing piece of B2B demand gen
  • Concisely written plus punchy visuals—perfect for busy execs
  • Rich appendices with additional information to choose from